About the foundation

Don Bosko Bulgaria Foundation is a non-profit organization that carries out socially useful activities. We have been working in the city of Stara Zagora since the beginning of 2009, and our activities are aimed at supporting the upbringing and education of disadvantaged young people from all ethnic groups; supporting the social integration and personal realization of children, youth and adults in need; cooperation with other organizations with similar priorities.

We hold meetings and talks, seminars, trainings for volunteers. We organize children’s camps, excursions. Sport plays an important role in our work with young people. We carry out charitable activities. At the moment our activity is focused on Roma children and youth and their parents from Lozenets district, Stara Zagora and village of Kalitinovo. We cooperate with the organization “Caritas Bulgaria”; Caritas Sofia; social service Center for accommodation of family type “Small group home”, Stara Zagora; Samaritans Association, Stara Zagora; VIS, Italy; Caritas České Budějovice, Czech Republic; Salesians of Don Bosco, Bulgaria.

Our main goals are to increase the motivation of children and students to do educational work; to form a positive attitude towards school; to develop the individual potential of children and encourage them to develop their interests and talents by including them in different types of workshops – music and dance, physical education and sports, fine arts, applied arts, design, foreign languages; to increase the self-esteem and self-confidence of children through the realization, promotion and development of their personal qualities and talents; to expand the social contacts of the children from 1st to 12th grade and to provide alternatives for new friendships; to involve parents in children’s education; to increase the level of education of parents. In the process of work more and more clearly crystallizes the need for certain initiatives and activities aimed at informal and formal meetings of local and Roma communities. According to the organization’s team, this is one way to clearly define and shed light on the problems. An obligatory step in the desegregation of the Roma community. The Foundation is registered as a provider of social services – Center for Information, Counsultation, Education and Support of Children and Youth (CICES). Our team relies on non-formal education as a means of supporting the personal and social development of children and youth, and at a later stage their professional development. Five times a week we work in the Lozenets district, by conducting various types of activities – from astudy-room, where we help children cope with the learning material, to workshops in fine arts, applied arts, design, sewing, dancing, musical instruments, foreign languages, Christian ethics. Currently we work with children aged 5 to 18. We also conduct activities for a group of girls and boys over 10 years (future youth leaders) to help grow and pass on knowledge and skills in the household, to prepare them for the future their responsibilities.

We host volunteers under the  EU Programm European Solidarity Corps. The ESC volunteers help us a lot in the work with the children, young people and their parents.

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