A colorful day for the children from town of Rakovski, 12. of July 2023

We accepted the invitation of the Franciscan sisters from Rakovski to organize a day for their children. Like every year, they organize a children’s summer for the children of their parish. On Wednesday, July 12, we got into the hot car. We took with us a lot of colors, brushes and went to Rakovski. We wanted to find out what children would like the world to look like when they grow up. At St. Michael’s Church, there were more or less 120 children waiting for us, but luckily we had 20 animators available. After prayer, we went out to the church yard, where we divided the children into groups. At the beginning, each group had a little time for the children to get to know each other, and then they shared what they wanted the world to look like when they grew up. Each group expressed their dream world with a drawing using different colors that we brought. It was not so easy for them to acquire these colors. For example, to get the color blue they had to carry the other on a horse, to get the color black they had to jump on one leg,… Each group drew their dream world with different colors on a large piece of paper, using their hands and sometimes their t-shirts . Finally, we gathered again in the church, where the children showed us their drawings. They were different drawings, but they had a few things in common that they see as important in their world, such as friendship, nice nature, enough pools and no school, which they don’t miss at the moment. We returned home with gratitude for having experienced a nice day with the children from Rakovski. Anezhka volunteer from the Czech republic



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