Scout camp, 25-29. of July, village of Malchika

“In the northern village of Malchika (near Pleven), the Stara Zagora scout group “Zaralii” had its summer camp. Members of the first two patrols of the scout group, accompanied by an animator from the “Lozenets” district, the Salesians and the volunteer from European Solidarity Corps – Anna Petrzikova.
The experience was very useful for everyone. The program was full of games, educational topics and walks. In addition, there was an opportunity for the scouts to enjoy the swimming pool located in the nearby town of Levski, especially with the high temperatures that accompanied us during this week.
Like last year, the boys also had a solidarity work day in the village, cooperating with several families and some elderly people. The gratitude of the residents was great, as was their cooperation.
One piece of news that filled us with joy was the promise as scouts made by the first two boys from the Lozenets neighborhood. After a year and a half of preparation and taking exams, these two boys (one already with patrolman) made a pledge to be “always ready for duty.” As a sign, they received the corresponding towel. It should be noted that this towel, made especially for this scout group, bears the colors of the Roma flag, as well as its symbol: a blue stripe like the sky and another green like the earth, with a wheel in the center, an expression of a traveling culture.
We appreciate the support of everyone who makes this experience possible. In the specific case of the Scouts, we know that they are a multiplier of good, because the boys who participate in the proposal are trained to be useful to society out of solidarity and service.”
Marcos Dalla Cia, SDB

“In the last week of July, our scouts from the Roma settlement left for the camp, which was in the village of Malchika. There was no lack of games, talks about the miracles of Jesus, a pool and, of course, a night game. During the whole week, they could take exams, so that at the end of the camp they could make a promise and receive the scout scarf, a symbol of belonging to the scouts.
Pancho and Krasimir, received this scarf because they managed to pass all the exams. They all returned home with many new and good experiences and looking forward to continuing the activity after the holidays.”
Anna Petrzikova, volunteer from the European Solidarity Corps, working in Stara Zagora on the project “Education – the key to a better future 3”, 2021-1-BG01- ESC51-VTJ-000037011, co-financed by the EU program “ESC”.



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