Summer camp for girls, Dekotex hut, 18-24. of July 2022

“This year, the long-awaited summer camps for girls and boys, organized by the Don Bosko Bulgaria Foundation and its animators, took place again. The girls’ camp was held from July 18. to 24. in the Karandila area above the town of Sliven. The camp was attended by girls aged between 7 and 15 from various settlements – Stara Zagora, Kalitinovo, Plovdiv, Sofia, Yambol, Shumen, Rakovski, etc. The main theme of this year’s camp was “The Miracles of Jesus” and each of the days of the camp was related to one of the miracles that Jesus performed. Conversations on personal life topics were added to the talks. During the camp, we experienced many interesting, funny, educational and unforgettable games and moments together. On one of the days, we had the challenge of starting our own fire and making our own lunch. We participated in a full-day hike to the “Mechata Polyana”, located in the Karandila area. There were two night games during the camp. During the first, the girls walked through the woods following the light of small candles in a jar that led to stops where they did challenges and read parts of the New Testament. The second night game was more for fun. If during the first night we woke them up two at a time, during the second night we woke them up in teams. Their stops were at the lodge and yard, and they had team challenges to do. On other days of camp, we painted hats, mirrors and even made our own herbarium bookends. On the last night, like every camp, we made a campfire where we melted marshmallows. We made skits, played and sang by the fire, and finally ended with a prayer of thanks that we were all healthy and managed to have a good time together with our old and new friends. We thank the Salesian fathers, their animators and volunteers for the organization of the camp and the donors who support them in their activities.”
Miglena /animator/
The main manager and organizer of the camp was ESC volunteer Anna Petrzikova, who works in Stara Zagora on the project “Education – key to a better future 3”, 2021-1-BG01-ESC51-VTJ-000037011,co-financed by the EU program “European Solidarity Corps”.



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