Scout camp, 21-22. of May 2022, town of Kazanlak

“Over the weekend of May 21st and 22nd, a scout patrol from Stara Zagora held its first camp of the year. This patrol was formed in February this year and is the second that the Bulgarian Catholic Scout Group and the Don Bosko Bulgaria Foundation have in Stara Zagora. In this place the Scout group is named after one of the names of the city: “Zaralii”.
The camp was held in the town of Kazanlak, and the boys had the opportunity to make walking tours in the area around. We were at Koprinka Dam and Megalita in the village of Buzovgrad – “The Door of the Goddess”.
In this first camp, the aim was to consolidate the patrol and to learn basic concepts of the scout experience, in particular the preparation of the fire and the making of knots with ropes.
We alternated walks with moments of learning. The camp was successful and prepared the boys for the next summer experience, the longer camp, which will take place during the July holidays. There, along with all members of the other patrol, Stara Zagora scouts will consolidate their group identity, some members will make their promises, and all will consolidate the path they have taken to be “always ready” to serve. “
Marcos Dala Sia
The main organizer and assistant for the camp was the ESC volunteer František Šustek, who works in Stara Zagora on the project “The Education – a key to a better future 3”, 2021-1-BG01-ESC51-VTJ-000037011, co-financed by the EU program “European Solidarity Corps “



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