Winter camp scouts, 12-13.03.2022, town of Kazanlak

On Saturday, March the 12th, after a common breakfast in Stara Zagora, we went to Kazanlak for the scout camp. After settling in, we went to a nearby grove, where we cooked a delicious scout soup. Then we returned to listen to an interesting talk about Roma culture and traditions, which was prepared by Krassimir. Football after the conversation helped us to move and check which of us is the best football player. We then split into three groups and gradually toured three stops where we had the opportunity to recall our scout knowledge. At the first stop we made knots, at the second – different types of hearths, and at the third – cipher. After dinner we went to the local cemetery, where we tried to overcome our fears, when we had to walk alone in the dark by candlelight. Finally, we prayed for our dead and those who died in the war in Ukraine.
On Sunday, the volunteer František woke us up, gathered us on the field and held a physical education class. After that we had training and breakfast. Before noon we managed to clean the rooms where we were staying, so that in the afternoon we could go to Buzludzha and enjoy the snow. We went down with shovels and enjoyed the beautiful white nature. Then we returned to Kazanlak to eat a very tasty cake made by Marushka and returned to Stara Zagora. I think this camp was very useful and fun.



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