Planning of the summer camps, 07-09.05.2021, town of Kazanlak

I will have a lot of memories from this planning, as after every meeting in Kazanlak. There were people I knew as well as new people I met for the first time. It was quite interesting and I had a wonderful weekend. But I was also nostalgic for the old days when I first came to Kazanlak, so worried and scared of what is going to happen. Two years later, I do not regret my choice and I am very happy to have the opportunity to attend these meetings, to gather with these people, to plan something good for the children and last but not least – to meet God together. . As always, everything was very well organized and I have absolutely no complaints. I am looking forward to the next planning and I am glad to be part of what will make the children happy.” Petya Ahmakova

Оrganizers and leaders of the meeting were the two ESC volunteers Anna Rotreklova and Radek Steingart. They are working in Stara Zagora and Kazanlak on the project “Education – the key to a better future 2”, co-financed by the EU program “European Solidarity Corps”.



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