Scout camp, 03-04.05.2021, town of Kazanlak

Scout speed or 137 steps in 24 seconds.
Fun, games, prayer. The scout camp offers everything. In the period 3. – 4. of May a scout camp was held in Kazanlak. Ten boys from the Roma neighborhood “Lozenets” Stara Zagora were chosen for the camp.As true Christian scouts, we started the camp with the Holy Liturgy. Immediately after the Liturgy we went on a trip to Buzovgrad, on the way we played games, made knots and baked sausages. After turning back we plaeyd table football, ping pong and billiards. In the evening we had a prayer in nature and there was to be a game, with candles that the boys had to blow, but due to bad weather we played “Hiding”. We often played “Stone, scissors, paper”. In the afternoon we went on an excursion to Koprinka dam. There we learned how to treat nature properly. We also had a competition, “Let’s run 137 steps the fastest”. The fastest time was 24.29 seconds. When we returned, we had dinner. I learned how fast I could make dinner. At the end we said “Good by” to each other, sent the children back to Stara Zagora and evaluated. Event ended successfully. “

Radek Steingart ESC / David Bochnjak

Radek Steingart was the main organizer of the scout camp. He is a volunteer from the European Solidarity Corps and works in the town of Kazanlak on the project “Education – the key to a better future 2”, 2020-2-BG01-ESC11-079379, co-financed by the EU ESC program.



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