Internationla Women’s Day – part I, 06.03.2021

Don Bosko Bulgaria Foundation celebrated the International Women’s Day – March 8.
On the 06. of March we invited the mothers of the children with whom the Don Bosck Bulgaria Foundation works to celebrate together the International Women’s Day – March 8. The mothers were joined by other mothers, grandmothers and young brides from the Roma neighborhood of Lozenets in Stara Zagora.
The topic of the meeting was “The benefits of educating children, especially girls”. Time passed unnoticed with watching videos, lectures, discussions, games. The young women spoke candidly about the difficulties they had in their own education and the difficulties they overcame in educating their children; shared an experience in overcoming cultural attitudes in the Roma community. We talked about the importance of the child attending kindergarten and school to get a chance to acquire a good profession and an opportunity to perform, incl. to create a financially independent family.
We all agreed that children should continue to study at least until they reach adulthood, and this is especially important for girls who, once married, lose the opportunity to continue their education, and thus a chance for a good job and a high salary.
We talked about the services offered by the Center for Information, Consultation, Education and Support of the Don Bosko Bulgaria Foundation for children in the neighborhood, providing consultations with subject teachers for children of all grades, as well as cooking, crafting, classical ballet, piano, guitar; organizes camps for children during vacations and weekend trips. Both the mothers, the grandmothers and the young women, who as children took advantage of the services of the Don Bosko Bulgaria Foundation, sincerely thanked the Salesian fathers for their continued support for the children’s education, for their meaningful and fun leisure time.
The husbandse prepared and served lunch and coffee to the participants. With the help of volunteers from the foundation / Anna Rotreklova, ESC, Radek Steingart, ESC and David Bochnyak, the children had prepared in advance gifts for mothers – individual card, fabulously decorated cake, handmade designer soap with natural additives for the best cosmetic effect.
In compliance with the anti-epidemic measures, the participants were divided into two groups – before noon and in the afternoon.
Diana Iskreva, DBBF volunteer



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