Is there a will – there is a way: walk for the families

In the fresh air, far from the city, in the mountains, despite the cold and strong wind of Buzludzha and Shipka, children, young people and their parents enjoyed the walks organized by the Don Bosko Bulgaria Foundation.
Some things seem difficult and even impossible, but when one has the will, there is a way. Two days of walks for two different families. On 29.12.20, the walk was organized for the family of grandmother Krassimira, and on 30.12.20 it was for the family of grandmother Angelina. Donbor Jyrwa, Director of DBBF
The walks were also attended by Anna Rotreklova, a volunteer from the European Solidarity Corps, working in Stara Zagora on the project “Education – the key to a better future 2”, co-financed by the EU program ESC.



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