Santa Claus surprised 120 children and young people and visited their houses

With a red hat and a full backpack, Santa Claus gave Christmas presents to 60 children and young people from the Lozenets neighborhood (Mahala) Stara Zagora and to 60 children and young people from the village of Kalitinovo. He brought countless occasions for smiles and unexpected surprises. The traditional Christmas party of the Don Bosko Bulgaria Foundation was canceled due to the measures imposed by the pandemic. However, Santa did not want to pass the children and young people from both places. In fact, he decided to organize the celebration in a different way. He wanted to meet them in person, he wanted to ask them if they were obedient and good this year. On December 22, 2020 he visited the Mahala, and on December 28, 2020 he visited the village of Kalitinovo. To the great surprise of the children, this year, Santa Claus visited their houses. Each separately – went in and out, handed out Christmas presents. Everyone was surprised, but also very happy with his visit and the gifts he gave them. Donbor Jyrwa, Director DBBF

Santa’s main helpers were Anna Rotreklova / a volunteer from the European Solidarity Corps, working in Stara Zagora on the project “Education – the key to a better future” / and Marcos Dalla Cia from the foundation’s team.



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