Course for animators, 09-11. October 2020, town of Kazanlak

“Looking back, I can’t believe these two years have passed. It’s as if I just closed my eyes and it was over. There were downsides, but somehow they seem so small compared to the good moments. This meeting, at least for me, was somehow more emotional, most likely because it was the last, and no one wants something so good to end, the meeting as a whole was really another wonderful experience that will remain as one of my lasting memories. Well-thought-out games, interesting talks, delicious food. As every time the team of animators had invented everything so good that the course to be perfect, for which I thank them a hell of a lot. And not only this time, I would like to express my gratitude from all of us – already graduated animators – for every meeting, for every hour they spent, even for the quarrels that made us better and to some extent more disciplined. Every single talk was exceptional, new and different in its own way. Just don’t doubt and take the risk. I did it and I definitely don’t regret. I just can’t describe the feeling of satisfaction, but also in a way of sadness. Satisfied, because it was really something new that not everyone has a chance to experience, but also sad because I know it will not return. But still, like everything, even this has its end. ” Petya Ahmakova

In the organization of the meeting took part the volunteer from the European Solidarity Corps Anna Rotreklova, who works in Bulgaria, town of Stara Zagora, on the project “Education – the key to a better future 2”, 2020-2-BG01-ESC11-079379, co-financed by the program of the EU – “ESC”. Anna will be part of the foundation’s team activities for 11 months.



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