Summer camp boys CICES, 06-11.07.2020, village of Malchika

Despite the big doubts about the 2020 summer camp, it was ultimately an adventure for everyone. The camp is the only thing that children look forward to all year round. We organized it in the village of Malchika. Most of the time we were outside – outdoors. We went inside only for food, sleep and talks. In the morning we had stage games, and in the afternoon – a walk and swimming in the river. There were five boys who had collected points for the camp, and a boy from the village joined the group. We also had volunteer animators with us, as well as the volunteer Jana Pustejovska, for whom the camp was a personal project. Donbor Jirwa

Here is what Jana shared about the camp: “I was at a boys’ camp as the only girl. I felt like a princess among them – and why not – they are really very good boys. We had talks with useful lessons, we played, we went to the river – everything was top. The prophet Jeremiah visited us throughout the whole camp.” Jana is working in Stara Zagora on the project “Education – the key to a better future”, 2019-2-BG01-ECS11-062662, co-financed by the EU program “European Solidarity Corps”



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