Rewarding CICES town of Stara zagora, 27.07.2020

The Don Bosko Center for Information, Counsultation, Education and Support awarded the children and young people who regularly did their best during the classes in the past school year and fulfilled their obligations to their education. from the 63 children who attended the center this school year, 7 collected the most points from the classes. In the first place was Dani Mitkova – 990 points, followed by Hrisi Mitkova – 916 points, Arif Ivanov – 824 points, Krum-Petar Kissyov – 796 points, Sashka Stefanova – 744 points, Marian Stoyanov – 736 points and Reveka Mitkova – 724 points. This year, as a reward for the year-round diligence, these 7 children received a voucher worth BGN 50 for shopping from Jumbo. With it they can buy school supplies for the next year and a small toy. Donbor Jirwa



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