Educational meetings after Covid 19

On the 4th of June 2020 we started again the regular classes for girls and boys in the Center for information, counsultation, education and support in “Lozenets” district, town of Stara Zagora. At the last educational meeting, before the quaratine, we talked about “Etiquette of behavior”. We had stopped the meetings due to the imposed quarantine and Covid 19. On these meetings we are focused on the education and communication of the Roma children and young people. For the first meeting, after the epidemic situation, we decided to go on a picnic in the village of Hristiyanovo. For the boys this happened on 04.06.2020, and for girls – on 06.06.2020. We were guests at Mrs. Diana Iskreva and Joseph. We were happy, we sang, we walked in the garden, we saw the hens, we gathered fruit. We were very impressed by their hospitality and kindness. ” f. Donbor Jirwa



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