Don Bosko Bulgaria foundation in the time of Covid 19

“In almost every part of the world, Covid 19 has become an epidemic on a huge scale, causing panic, fear, stress, ill health and a lot of death. Measures during the state of emergency have caused many to lose their jobs or stop working, to suffer financially and mentally. In these times of Covid 19, seasonal workers, children, young people and their education are perhaps most affected, especially those who do not have the opportunity to participate in distance learning. People were disoriented and many were afraid of becoming infected or contagious. Their pains and sufferings are untold. After all, Covid 19 leads to new ways of living and working. The Don Bosko Bulgaria Foundation did not stop working completely, even during the state of emergency. With our abilities and forces we helped with food and medicine to the families who were in a difficult situation in the Lozenets neighborhood, the village of Dalboki, the village of Hrishteni. For some children who had the opportunity to study from distance, we expanded our help through an online classroom. For some, with whom we could not communicate by phone, we visited their homes and handed out assignments that their teachers sent us. At that time, the ESC volunteers Marketa and Jana were sewing masks that we handed out to people and that we now use in the classroom during the emergency epidemic situation.” f. Donbor Jirwa



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