Winter camp for the boys “Joseph of Egypt”, 07-09.02.2020, town of Kazanlak

God bends his ear toward the sufferer and turns his suffering into grace. God gives way out of all who call upon Him day and night. “
We learned this from the life of Joseph of Egypt. It was also the theme of the winter camp.
The boys played the role of Joseph. He was badly treated and sold by his brothers. Buyers took him to Egypt and sold him to Potiphar. Because of Potiphar’s wife, who tempted him, he was imprisoned.
God gave Joseph the gift of interpreting dreams. He interpreted the significance of Pharaoh’s dream by saying, “Years of famine will come, and in the next fertile years let Pharaoh command the harvest and storage of the wheat in the cities and keep it. This food will be preserved for the seven starving years to come in Egypt, lest the inhabitants of this land should perish by famine.” Then the Pharaoh made Joseph ruler over all the land of Egypt.
During the famine, people came to Egypt from all countries to buy grain from Joseph. Even his Canaan brothers arrived in Egypt to buy food. Thus, through Joseph, God saved the Egyptians and his entire family from famine.
The winter camp was held in Kazanlak. Six boys participated. All the games were organized around Joseph’s story. “
Donbor Jirwa, SDB
The main organizer of the camp was the volunteer Jana Pustejovska, who works in Stara Zagora and Kazanlak on Education – the Key for a Better Future Project, 2019-2-BG01-ESC11-062662, co-funded by the EU’s European Solidarity Corps program .



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