Don Bosko laegue 2020 – footballplay between Kazanlak and Stara, 21.01.2020 Zagora

On January 25., the teams of Kazanlak and Stara Zagora matched forces on the playgraund in the town of the linden. Kazanlak won against the hosts. In the first 10 minutes Petyo M. Ivanov scored the first goal for Stara Zagora. The match started very dynamically and with a lot of emotions.
Stara Zagora tried to defend themselves and attack aggressively, but received a leveling goal from Rumen T. Rumenov. After the second goal of Rumen, the hosts’ forces declined.

The match ended 1: 8 for Kazanlak. Rumen scored 4 goals for Kazanlak, Mitko Nadezhdov-2 goals and Angel Kolev-1 goals. With this match on 25/01/2020, Kazanlak retains its first place with 9 points from 4 matches.
Kalitinovo and Stara Zagora have three points each, while Kalitinovo only played two games.
Donbor Jirwa, SDB

The match was organized by ESC volunteer Jana Pushtejovska, who works in Stara Zagora on the project “Education – the key to a better future”, 2019-2-BG01-ESC11-062662, co-financed by the EU’s European Solidarity Corps program.



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