After camp meeting, 08-10.11.2019, town of Kazanlak

We are called to achieve the most important goal, that is, to be saints. In heaven, everyone is a saint. While we are on earth we are also called to do good deeds. Good deeds are done without expecting anything in return.
At the post-camp meeting, we sow the thought in the children and young people that we are all called to be saints. Three things need to be accomplished for this most important goal: to believe, to do good, and to have fun.
The meeting was held in Kazanlak. The organizers and animators prepared evening programs, games, themes and walks. In addition, the free time was also organized, there were hoverboards and football. Games and leisure gave us unforgettable moments.
In total we were 33 people – 2 organizers, 7 animators and 24 participants. The participants were from Sevlievo, Plovdiv, Kalitinovo, Belozem and Stara Zagora. “
Donbor Jirwa,
The main organizers of the meeting were the volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps, Marketa Venclova and Jana Pustejovska, who work in Stara Zagora and Kazanlak on the project “Education – the key to a better future”, 2019-2-BG01-ESC11-062662, co-financed by the EU program ESC



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