Summer camp with the girls, 29.07-03.08.2019, village of Malchika



The girls’ summer camp was held in the village of Malchika from 29.07 to 03.08.2019. This year, the topic the girls were introduced to was the biblical story of Ruth. We thought about topics such as work, humility, family. In the games and challenges that the children had to meet, they were accompanied by Noemin – Ruth’s mother-in-law – with her stories of her daughter-in-law’s life. Several times the girls had the opportunity to learn to swim and have fun at the pool in the town of Levski.
Anna Kissyova
The main organizers of the camp and the games were the two EVS volunteers Andrea Nachtmanova and Zdislava Syhrova, who work in Stara Zagora and Kazanlak on the Education vs. Poverty 3 project, 2018-BG01-KA125-048113, co-funded by the EU Erasmus + program



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