Summer camp with the boys, village of Malchika, 18-23.07.2019



“The camp is one of the most anticipated programs. It is the most significant and desirable of all the other activities we organize for the children. They look forward to it all year long. Some of them really want to be able to go to camp. They visit the center the whole year, study and write.
Most expected are the games, the swimming and the walking. Conversations are also organized for personal reflection and the nature and development of human values.
This year, Don Bosko Bulgaria Foundation organized a camp for seven boys who regularly visit our center in the Roma neighborhood of Lozenets in Stara Zagora. The event took place in the village of Malchika. The theme of the camp was the holiness”
O. Donbor Jirwa,SDB
EVS volunteer Jan Vrba, who works on the Education vs. Poverty 3 project co-funded by the EU’s Erasmus + Program, played an active role in organizing and running the camp.



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