Football league Don Bosko, 2019



Three teams participated in the Don Bosco 2019 Football League. The teams were from Kazanlak, Kalitinovo and Stara Zagora. The league was for boys under 14. Kalitinov’s team played very well and won three times in three seasons. The Kazanlak team struggled to the last moment, but failed. The team of Stara Zagora tried very hard, but they failed and for that they won the third place, still there is a chance to improve for the next year.
On June 28. 2019, the three teams came to Stara Zagora to played last season. The team of Kalitinovo won the Don Bosco League Cup.
F. Donbor Jirwa, SDB
The EVS volunteers working in Kazanlak and Stara Zagora under the Education vs. Poverty 3 project co-financed by the EU Erasmus + program – Andrea Nachtmanova, Zdislava Syhrova and Jan Vrba, also participated in the organisation of the final.



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