Cours for animators 21.-23. of July, town of Kazanlak


Our fourth course for animators is over. The fun and the wonderful emotions began as soon as we arrived, because as always we were warmly welcomed by the priests. After a wonderful Friday dinner, the time to play began. It was very interesting game. We all went to Tulbeto where we later played a game invented by
the volunteer Jan. We were all very entertained in the search for the murderer of Mr. Rumenov. After this adventure we came back and gathered together for a good night’s word. The Sabbath came. The day was filled with wonderful moments that helped us to unite as a group even more. Also, on this day, we all had the pleasure of attending the unique psychology lectures, which were very interesting and would make it easier for us to work with children in the future. But perhaps the most interesting thing for all of us was the film festival. We were divided into three groups, each having a movie to do. Our day ended with watching the movies and the evening word, which always helps us thinka little bit more deeply. Unfortunately, Sunday also came. After the cleaning, we had to split up and say good bye for a little longer, but the organizers need a little break from us because we are not one of the mildest groups. I can’t wait for the next meeting for animators to come.”
Elina Vladimirova Toteva
The main organizer of the course was the European Solidarity Corps volunteer, Jan Varba, who works in Kazanlak under the “Education vs. Poverty 3” project, 2018-2-BG01-KA125-048113, co-funded under the EU program “Erasmus +”



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