7-9.06.2019 Course for animators – last meeting, group 2017-2019



The last meeting of the animators is perhaps one of the funniest and one of the saddest. This meeting was full of joy and fun.
The trip to the waterfall was an unforgettable experience. Outdoor experiences – the fire, the common lunch, the passage along the waterfall – all these are unforgettable memories, just like making movies for 15 minutes because everyone wanted to sleep.
The separation of the animators, however, is one of the most difficult things for them.
We know that we will gather together again for more unforgettable moments filled with joy, gaming and adventure, but this time not as trainees but as more mature people.
Ana-Maria Nachkova Plocheva
Main organizer and presenter of the meeting was Slavka Zychrva, a volunteer from the European Solidarity Corps, working in the Foundation for the Education vs. Poverty 3 Project, 2018-2-BG01-KA125-048113, co-funded under the EU program Erasmus +



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