Feast 10 tears Don Bosko Bulgaria foundation


On May 29. at the International Youth Center in Stara Zagora we celebrated 10 years since the founding of the Don Bosko Bulgaria Foundation. The celebration was attended by our partners in the last ten years – the “World Without Borders” NGO, the Youth Center for Development – Mutual Assistance, the Foundation Public Donors Fund – Stara Zagora, the Samaritans NGO, the Mission Wings Foundation, Ethno world Association, EUROTraining NGO. We have worked with them all over the years and each of these organizations has supported us in our mission and activities.
Director Jaroslav Fogl turned to the guests with nice words, it was exciting. We continued with a greeting for the team from a member of World Without Borders. Then there was a brief presentation of the past 10 years, which also excited those who remember the beginning. The platform was taken over by the volunteer from the European solidarity corp Slavka Sychrova, who works in Stara Zagora, Kazanlak and Kalitinovo in the project “Education vs. Poverty 3”, co-funded under the Erasmus + EU Program. She presented the current volunteers working with us, their activities and their philosophy of work and relationships with the children and young people.
The fun part of the feast started with the musical performance of children and youth from the Don Bosco Center for Information, Consultation, Education and Support, Stara Zagora. They sang the song: “Tell me, white cloud.” We ended up with a brief role-playing game that cheered our guests. After the game, we moved to the more informal space where the team had prepared a birthday treat. Nice feast happened.



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