Walks during the spring vacation – Bazovetz, town of Karlovo and town of Kalofer


“Walk in the Mountain, 04.04.2019
During the spring vacation of the children, we did a walk with them in the mountains. We traveled by train, played and made selfies. The weather was very good. In the mountains we made a picnic. The children were very happy, because they are not very often in the wild nature.
Walk in Karlovo, 05.04.2019
Like every month, we went for a walk with the kids who had earned the most points during the month.
We traveled to Karlovo which is Vasil Levski’s hometown. We also visited his museum, and then we went to the waterfalls. Then we were in the town of Kalofer where the poet Hristo Botev lived. After eating, we went back. I think that day was tiring because in the car, almost everyone (except the driver) was asleep. ”
Zdislava Sihrova, volunteer from the European Solidarity Corps, “Education vs. Poverty 3” Project, 2018-2-BG01-KA125-048113, Erasmus + program, co-funded by the EU.



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