Winter camp for Romany girls, 15-17.03.2019, town of Kazanlak



“In mid-March we had a winter camp for girls. We were in Kazanlak for a weekend. As a theme, we had Mother Teresa, who teaches us to love the others. On Saturday we made bracelets and earrings and sold them. With that money we bought food that we cooked for us and for a lady who had a difficult life. Before we went home Mother Teresa left a few sentences for us. We searched for her quotes in the town. After the Sunday walk, we went home to do what Mother Teresa advised us – to love our family and thus to participate in building the world’s peace. ”
Zdislava Sihrova, volunteer from the European Solidarity Corps, “Education vs. Poverty 3” Project, 2018-2-BG01-KA125-048113, co-funded by the EU.
“This winter, the winter camp for girls took place in the town of Kazanlak from March 15th till 17th. The theme was “The inner beauty of the woman”. We basically deepened and meditated on the life of St. Mother Teresa and her work. One of the tasks of the girls was to make earrings and necklaces, and to try to sell in order to be able to buy food with the money. They had to prepare a dinner, which to share with needy people from the town. The children managed to raise 12 leva and cooked 5 dishes, which fed around 11 people. All the while we were accompanied by Mother Teresa’s thoughts. The camp ended with a trip to Koprinka Dam.
Anna Kisyova, Social Assistant, Don Bosko Bulgaria Foundation



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