FARMER – a winter camp for Romany boys, 22-24.03.2019



We noticed that the children, who we work with, are not aware of how to sow vegetables – whether they are sown with seeds or with root or tuber, and whether they grow in the ground or above the ground. That’s why this year we decided to make a Farmer Camp. The topic was – to get acquainted with the development of vegetables and how to work with agricultural tools. We settled in the town of Kazanlak and went to the village of Bozduganovo. There we sat potatoes, garlic, white and red onions, cucumbers, pumpkins. Altogether, we were eight children, two organizers – Yoni and Jan, volunteers under the EU-funded 2018-BG01-KA125-048113 “Education vs. Poverty 3″ project, and two assistants.
We also organized various games related to the topic. On Sunday afternoon we went for a walk to Koprinka Dam. About 18:00 we returned to Stara Zagora. ”
O. Donbor Girva SDB



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