Course for animators, 08-10.03.2019, town of Kazanlak



“This meeting was very nice for me, we learned a lot of new things. We were together with the other course, whith the older participants and it was even more fun. At this – for us 3rd meeting we learned how to help people in need, because we past first pre-medical help. They showed us how to make a bandage to broken, bruised, struck.
When something comes in our eye, what should we do until we get to hospital. How to deal with the children of camps, if they are biten by a bee, a wasp, when they are hit, even when a snake bites them, if they have a tick, a ball bum and a lot more
things that were useful tips.
In my opinion, we were all very interested and it was fun, and we did not learn things that we can use them only in camps, but also in our daily lives – if we fall into such situation. After our lectures passed, we practiced what we learned with the help of the BRC staff. When we made mistakes, they corrected us and explained how it should be done. In the evening we had a very interesting game again the two groups together – it was across the city. In this game we also had to help people. On Sunday we made the usual assessment of the meeting and we had to write three things that we liked and three that we didn’t. This was really important, because then the organizers watch how they succeed.
This meeting was for me very nice, full of emotions. In the end, always the hardest part is to split up after such a wonderful weekend. I’m glad we were together!”
Katherina Stancheva, participant
Organizers and leaders of the course were Zdislava Sychrova and Jan Vrba, EVS volunteers, participants in the project “Education vs. Poverty 3”, 2018-2-BG01-KA125-048113, co-financed by the EU program Erasmus+, administrated in Bulgariq by HRDC.



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