Meeting of the animators who already finished the course, 07-09.12.2018, town of Kazanlak





“From 7th till 9th of December a meeting of the already graduated course for animators was held. During the course we experienced a lot of different emotions. We had a talk by Father Petr Cvrkal about the Advent Days that prepared us for Christmas. On Saturday afternoon we had a walk with a game, which besides being fun, took us to the “Megalit” over Buzovgrad. Although we were quite slow, the walk was a lot of fun. Big emotiuon was also the evening game we played – we took the roles of big stars – the boys were beautiful women singers and the girls were cool men singers. With singing and dancing we relaxed after the long day. Finally we finished with the birthday of Father Petr Nemec, whom we sang with much love. So the meeting went away, filled with joy and happiness.” Melissa Osman.

“A meeting of animators who graduated this year went on from December 7th to December 9th. It was not an ordinary meeting of animators. They prepared the programme by themselves, organized the games. Of course, why to prepare programme for the animators. On Saturday before lunch there was a talk, in the afternoon we had a walk to Buzovgrad. On the road wthe animators had different illnesses – for example, a careerist had to keep going first all the time, a person who had a depression could not speak. In this game they were trying to figure out how to take care for the others, and how they can cure the others. After all, when every one of us made a “selfie”, we went home. In the evening all the animators got involved in the kitchen. Together we prepared spaghetti and the Sunday lunch for the whole parish. On Sunday afternoon there was a farewell. All the animatores said that they should see each other again. ”
Zdislava Sychrová, EVS volunteer, Czech Republic, Education vs.Poverty 3 project, 2018-2-BG01-KA125-048113, co-funded under the EU Erasmus+ program.



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