Game: make a selfie with…”



During the animation course, on Saturday-24. the future animators had a fun game. The task was to make “selfies” with:
1. With a turtle; 2. With a seller; With a train; With ice cream; 5. A statue of a character; 6. With the inscription Hollywood; 7. With the inscription Moscow; 8.With a monument to UNESCO; 9. With the bear; 10. With the goat; 11. Someone called George, and you don’t know him from before; 12. Take someone who puts a letter in a mailbox; 13. With a mosque; 14. With carrot; 15. On a children’s playground; 16. At a bus stop; 17. General photo with all eyes closed (at least 7 people, can not be from the other team); 18. All on one leg in front of the pharmacy (at least 5 people can not be from the other team); 19. With Lenin or Stalin; 20. With coniferous wood; 21. With the whole city; 22. With Cyril and Methodius; 23. A woman with a pram; 24. With school; 25. With a cat; 26. With a dog; 27. With Buzludja monument; 28. With a foreigner (not Czech); 29. With a Muslim; 30. With the head on the earth; 31. With a dead tram; 32. With a Chinеse who searched for a mine and found it.
Participants also had additional points for:
1. Find flowers and make bouquet.
2. For a video of someone who sings in the square.
3. For three stamps from different institutions or companies.
4. For three good deeds the people.



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