The day of the child in Don Bosko Bulgaria foundation

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We firmly believe that with play you can educate and you can educate with play! It is not just a pedagogy to be involved with something, but also a pedagogy for educating values ​​in the spirit of the game: patience, discipline, observance of rules – and pedagogy of human development.
   The day of the child was celebrated with sincere joy at the Don Bosco Bulgaria Foundation. Joy shone on the faces of our children. It was a special day!
   On June the 2nd, 2018, 60. children and young people came to the center of the Don Bosco Bulgaria Foundation. They were from the Lozenets district and from the village of Kalitinovo.
   We had prepared for them sixteen interesting games. There were jogging, scooter racing, rope jumping, and more. We organized competitions in which they had to use their talents, intelligence and fantasy.
   Some of the games were for one player and others for teams. For each game, the kids collected a maximum of 10 points and at least 5 points. With them they bought different sweets, toys, chocolates …
   On this day, along with volunteers and workers, mothers from the neighborhood had come to help.
Fr Donbor Jyrwa SDB



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