Project European Network for Social Inclusion /ENSI/



From 21st till 25th of May 20018 Don Bosco Bulgaria Foundation joined the first international training on the European Network for Social Inclusion – #ENSI project. The training was held in Palermo, Italy. Organizations from five European countries participated in the training course: Italy, #Centro Internazionale delle Culture Ubuntu; Spain, #Amigos De Europa; Poland, #Family Center Fundacija; Romania, #Butterfly Dreamer; Bulgaria was represented by the organizer #Euro Training and also by #Social Activities and Practices Institute /#SAPI/ and #Don Bosco Bulgaria Foundation /#DBBF/. Project coordinator is the Italian organization #People help the peole.
The purpose of the training was the participants to exchange best practices from their work with migrant and minority communities, and to apply some of them, returning to their organizations.
The process went through the organization’s presentations, sharing of best practices, specific meetings and talks between participants on good practices and visiting of three Palermo organizations working with migrant children and youth and marginalized communities: #Centro Internazionale delle Culture Ubuntu; #Il Giardino di Madre Teresa “; #Santa Chiara, Palermo / the organization of the Salesians of Don Bosko in Palermo /
After one year, we will meet again in Palermo to share what we have taken as a best practice, how we implemented it in our own organizations, and what the results were.
The project is finaced by EU Ersmus+ programm, Action K2, Strategic partnerships



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